You get a quiz, You get a quiz, Everyone gets a quiz.

It’s about that time of the year, all your teachers are “checking in” making sure you understand what’s going on in class. I know some of the students reading this are saying to themselves oh I got this I know what I’m doing. Then there are students like myself who have already received that first quiz grade and wished their professors didn’t “check in”. Whether you got 100% or not even close, I want to tell you we’ve all been there. The first quiz is always the shock but if you are proactive and use that as an example you can still do great in your classes.

Let’s say you didn’t do as well as you wanted on that first quiz, start from the beginning, did you study enough? Or did you watch Netflix because it’s just some quiz and its only five points. Did you ask your professor or TA any questions on topics you might not understand? If you answered no to these questions or yes here’s one Hawkeye’s advice. First, use your professors or TA, the first time you talk to them might be scary. I mean you have to go to an office possibly in another building, no thanks… but, it’s better to go now in the beginning than to wait until before midterms and finals when they are busy. Going now in your first semester makes it easier for all your semesters after. Listen, I love Netflix just as much as I love the Hawks (a lot) but when it comes to college you have to study, study, study. Never look at an assignment or quiz and think it’s just five points because five points can be a difference in a letter grade.  Doing well on quizzes is important because you can use quizzes as test prep. Midterms will be here faster than any of us want so it’s better to be prepared now than to wait it out.  No matter how you did on this first batch of quizzes you can and will turn this around. Don’t let it stress you out instead be proactive.

Go Hawks,


Image: Alison Kramer

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