Smart and Savvy Study Spaces

Regardless of the fact that midterms are just around the corner, it’s never a bad thing to find a new study space!  The University of Iowa has some amazing places to research, study or take a nap!  Below is a list of some of my favorite spots and what makes them special!

  1. Biology Building East

Image result for biology building east uiowa inside corn

This walkway is quiet, beautiful and serene.  It’s the perfect place to crack open a textbook and get down to business.

2. The Learning Commons in the IMU


The Learning Commons are a great place if you are looking for a silent area.  This space has desktops, individual desks and is close to Union Station if you need brain food!

3. The Fethke Rooftop Terrace

Image result for uiowa SC rooftop terrace

On the fourth floor of the Seaman’s Center is the crowning jewel of the Engineering Building; the rooftop terrace!  This is a great space to enjoy nice weather while still getting some work done.  There are even outlets for charging your devices!

4. Van Allen Commons

Image result for van allen 310

The Van Allen commons is the place to go for learning hand in hand with technology.  There are plenty of comfy chairs, outlets, a printing station and group study rooms.

5. Hillcrest ITC

Image result for Hillcrest ITC

One of the lesser known ITCs on campus is within Hillcrest.  The Hillcrest ITC has 24 desktop computers for use including PCs and Macs.  This computer lab is strategically placed near a C-store, photo copy machine, and printers.


Featured Image:

Images  in descending order: https://uiowa/sites/com

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