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ITS (Information Technology Services) is the place to turn on campus with any questions or problems you are having that are tech related! All of their services are free of charge and their office is located at 2800 University Capitol Centre. They can also be contacted by phone at 319-384-4357 or email at In addition, ITS offers 24/7 Emergency Technical Support for times their desk is not open. For step by step instructions on this click here.

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First things first, there are two options for wifi on campus…

  1. eduroam – (There is a constant debate over the pronunciation… Ed-you-roam? Ee-dee-you-roam?) This is usually preferred. It is the more secure of the two networks and is maintained by the univeristy. You sign in with your HawkID@uiowa and your password (same as you use for all the other univeristy websites).
  2. attwifi – This is the guest wifi network… but.. you can use this! The network isn’t as secure, meaning DO NOT use it to access private information (bank account, Social Security Number, credit card information, Family Educational Rights and Privacy Act (FERPA) info, Health Insurance Portability and Accountability (HIPPA, ..etc.).

Have you ever studied in the Art Library? How about the MacLean 3rd floor computer lab? The computer lab in your Res Hall? It’s easy to find yourself in your lofted bed with your laptop, a Little Debbie cake in each hand, on your laptop. However, the University of Iowa has a number of awesome tech resources, including 26 buildings with computer labs and over 1,000 work stations! For a full list of the labs open on campus at any given time, including options for filtering printer needs/ Mac vs PC check out this link!

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Also, an easy way to send any document from your laptop to any print release station on campus is to use this link!


What type of computer you get should not be the crucial issue, if you choose to get your own laptop. As a student, you are offered discounts with a number of brands (Apple, Dell, Lenovo.. and probably more that I am just unaware of!). You also receive a discount on buying laptops at the Hawk Shop in the IMU. I would personally recommend emailing a professor or department head from the field you are majoring in and see if there is any more or less ease in what sort of operating system you use, though (Mac OS, Linux, Microsoft Windows..etc). Majority of programs offer variations of programs for different operating systems.

As a student, you have access to a lot of awesome free software. ITS is available to help you download any of these programs if you have questions (they offer free software repair and troubleshooting). Otherwise… to see which programs you have access to and for links for the free downloads, check out this link.



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