Homecoming Week!

Hey Hawkeyes! September 25th through October 1st is homecoming week at The University of Iowa. To celebrate, the University has planned a ton of awesome events leading up to Saturday’s big game against Northwestern! You can view a full list of these events (including time/location/a short description) here! Here are some of our favorite events from the past and events we are looking forward to for this week:


Hawkeye Feed

I thought nothing could excite me more than free food, but I am proven wrong. Free food in Hubbard Park where all of my friends are welcome to join me is even better! I am so excited to go to the Hawkeye Feed on Tuesday AND Thursday between classes for some free lunch– it was an awesome time last year!

Homecoming Royalty

My big brother was on Homecoming Court in 2014, so I came to Iowa City to see him taken through the parade, be announced at the concert and the game, and overall just have a ton of fun. They choose people to be on court who are involved at Iowa and are positive representatives. I was super proud of him (we even made cheesy buttons with his face on them!) My parents and my grandma tagged along too…here are some adorable pictures from the weekend!



Iowa Shout!

Every year, Gr Life at Iowa gets paired up (fraternities with sororities) and compete all week in a series of events that range from tug of war, to dodge-ball, and even a dance competition. The dance competition (aka Iowa Shout!) is my favorite part of homecoming every year. On Thursday night in front of the Old Capital steps on a large stage, all Greek pairings perform a dance that they have worked on for weeks. It is an awesome show of unison across campus in a friendly competition. Iowa Shout dance practices took me out of my comfort zone. My first year on campus, I was asked to participate in the Co-ed dance and be a part of flipping one of the sorority girls. I was nervous not only to flip another person, but to do it on the Pentacrest in front of roughly 1,000 people scared me half to death.

By the time the dance happened, the flip went well, but while I was mid twirl in a fairly nonathletic part of the dance, I tripped. Looking back, it was really funny. I still reminisce with my dance partner, and we laugh at the fact that I messed up the easiest part of the dance. Now, I am a Junior, and attempt to partake in every Homecoming event that I can. The alumni come home, the University puts on dozens of fun events for all students, and it reminds us of why it is so great to be a Hawkeye.

I will leave you with this last thought. You have a limited time in Iowa City as an undergraduate. Step outside of your comfort zone, and go to as many of the events as you can. Then, on Saturday… Watch the Hawks take down the Wildcats. It’s that easy.


Friday Concert

Every year, SCOPE productions teams up with the homecoming council to bring a free concert that takes place on our Pentacrest, and every year it is an experience you will be mad at yourself over if you miss.  You and your fellow students over take the area and celebrate being Hawkeyes.  I mean, how often do you get to see an amazing band preform live, for free, in front of the Old Cap?  Every year of your undergrad.  That’s how often.

Last year, the group CHVRCHES came and performed, at it was one of the highlights of my college career.  It was just a good time where everyone forgot about their stress for a couple of hours and simply had fun.  This band is one of my favorites, and they put on a really good show.  What was also nice was that I got to see them for free, with a bunch of my closest friends.  It was another one of those times where I was glad to be a Hawkeye.

This year the band Simple Plan will be coming so we can relive our younger years, and it should be another fun homecoming for Iowa!


Photo credit: Olivia

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