Managing Stress

Hey hawks! Emotions are running wild and your hard work (or lack thereof)  is boiling down to finals week. This time can be stressful, but don’t fear! New Student Outreach staff is here to give you our best advice for keeping your stress levels low! We’ll even throw in a few cute animal GIFs for a little extra stress relief!


When my stress levels are high, I start by thinking positively! No one knows better than I do that I’ve spent many nights working away with Red Bull as my only companion and I deserve to congratulate myself on my hard work. When that doesn’t work, I put into play the old ‘treat yo’ self’ method.  Sometimes you just need to take a half hour and watch an episode of your favorite tv show (or three, I won’t tell!), go to an art or yoga class, or buy yourself some coffee. Be gentle with yourself– your mental health included– after all, there will be many more finals but there is only one you!



Hi folks,

Yeah.  That dreaded time of final’s week is pretty much knocking on our front door right now.  I don’t think I know anyone who would like to open that door.  Managing stress becomes pretty simple when there is nothing to stress about.  My best way to stay stress free is to make a plan and reassure myself that following a plan, being able to change the plan and not giving up is the only way to make it through stressful times.  Right now we still have time to make a plan.  It’s important to be organized.  I recommend first figuring out how many finals you have and when they are.  Then I like to make a list of the topics that we covered in class.  It’s important to review everything.  That way you can actually know where you stand and if you feel good about a topic already, even better!  Quickly going over that will help you feel super ready and proud of your hard work.

So yes, these are things that you can do to academically prepare yourself for next week.  Let’s not forget the importance of de-stressing your body.  Find time to get at least one good work out in this week just to shake that bad mojo out of you and feel refreshed.  I should work out tonight.  Yeah, that’d be good.

SLEEP.  Another way to take a break is the fundamentals.  Rest up and set yourself up for success.  Staying stress free is the key to clear focus.  I believe in every single Hawkeye out there.




It’s almost finals week. *SCREAMS INTERNALLY*

Take a few deep breaths and take it one day at a time. I agree with AP in that organization is a very helpful tool when trying to lower stress during finals week. Try to set a goal of how much I want to accomplish every day. Once I get that done, I let myself relax a little bit and de-stress! (I.e. Gettin’ my Christmas spirit on and singing along to “All I Want For Christmas Is You” loudly)

Everything will be okay in the end, and before you know it, you will be enjoying your winter break! Good luck! I’m sending you all my good vibes



Stress is very different for every person, so these might not work for you.  I tend not to get too stressed out over school because guess what? It’s going to be okay.  You know more then you think you know.  I’m not saying don’t study or cram, I usual do both of those around finals, but I am saying don’t lose sleep over something that feels mundane or trivial.  Although finals are naturally stressful, that doesn’t mean you do not have time for you.  You will retain more if you just give yourself a break and a breath.

Also, get breaks with fresh air. I know its super cold, but sometimes that’s necessary for clearing the head.  Some of my best film work has been made when it is miserably cold.  Now, don’t give yourself a cold or anything, but if it might work for you, try it!  Also, use the IMU. Finals at the IMU are the hoildays of Iowa.  You get so much free popcorn you might as well be working for a movie theater.  It’s amazing.

Above all else, take time for you.  Your studies do not define you, so don’t let them control you.



Finals week is the granddaddy of them all. There’s no more stressful time for college students other than finals week. So what do you do? SCREAM. As loud as you can! In all seriousness three things I found to help me through finals week are knowing my limits, utilizing my support systems, and lots and lots of snacks.

Don’t over work yourself during finals week. Plan what you need to get done and make it happen. Take breaks where you clear your mind, sit with a friend, call a family member, look at cute animals on the internet, and/or just relax. Finally and most importantly, load up on snacks. Finals week for me means treating myself to whatever snacks I want. Finals can be VERY stressful and we all get that but if you know your limits, utilize your support system, and pack lots of snacks I’m confident that you can do this.

Good Luck! You can do this! GO HAWKS!

~ Akray


This week is always my most dreaded week. In August our professors mentioned “finals” in the syllabus, but I brushed that off real quick because they were talking about the second week in December while I was still in shorts and a t-shirt. Now they’re here, and I am scrambling to recall what was on the 3rd slide on the second day of classes. All I can say is do not stress. In the scheme of things grades are important, but they do not make you a better person. Be good, be great, study hard, and power through the week. Soon enough you will be on break, sleeping, eating, and relaxing.

Do your best, and good luck!

-A. Deer


HAPPY ALMOST BREAK! Before you know it, you’ll be getting festive or relaxing with all your heart!


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