Getting Involved PART 2

Hey y’all!  Early during Fall semester our staff talked about what it was like being involved on campus and why we LOVE it so much!  Even though it is great to find a place that feels like home on campus during the fall, joining student organizations is something that a lot of people wait to do until the Spring semester!  Personally, I joined the student org National Residence Hall Honorary during the Spring semester last year.  Down below you will read about some ways in which joining an organization Spring semester is different than Fall, but still equally as AWESOME!  GO HAWKS!

1. You have a feel for free time!  If your Spring semester is one where you are returning to college you already have a sense of how much time you have for extra stuff like hanging out with friends and student orgs!  You’re practically a pro!


2. You know your interests.  This means that at that student org fair in a few weeks you will be able to hit up the booths you are interested in and not waste your time trying to fight through to a club that you see isn’t what you expected.


3. You (hopefully) already have some friends!  There’s nothing more fun than joining a student org with people that share your same passions.  This will make those first few meetings less stressful and allow you to be more comfortable in front of new people.  My roommate and I joined NRHH together last year and it was a HUGE comfort having her there with me!  10/10 would recommend!


4. People will already know each other.  Let’s face the reality.  You will be a new face in a potential crowd.  Quite possibly, most of the group will already know each other and be close!  This just means that you may have to make an effort to put yourself out there and be open to making new friends.  Which, in my opinion, is like half the point of joining student orgs.



5. Something to remember: you matter.  You bring something unique and new to any student org that you want to join.  I believe that we live on a very friendly and welcoming campus with thousands of opportunities.  Go get ’em!



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