Student Org of the Week: NRHH

Hey everybody!  AP here.  This week’s spotlight student organization of the week is one of my personal favorites, NRHH!  NRHH stands for National Residence Hall Honorary.  This is a great organization for all members of campus to interact with, but it especially serves students living in the residence hall.  The current President of NRHH, Anna Haller was able to answer some questions for me so that you all have a better idea of what the student org is, how to join, and what they do!  Enjoy!

National Residence Hall Honorary


Answered by Anna Haller

Q: What is the name of your organization?  Do you go by any nicknames?

A: National Residence Hall Honorary: The Hawkeye Chapter.  More commonly called NRHH for short.

Q: What is the purpose/mission of your organization?

A: Our purpose is to bring service and recognition opportunities to the students within the residence halls.

Q: What are the days of your meetings?  Do you have any upcoming events?

A: We have bi-weekly meetings on Monday nights.  Our next event will be a service event for the animal shelter happening in early March. 

 Q: What makes your organization passionate about what you do?

 A: We are passionate to provide service opportunities within the residence halls since we understand that transportation and opportunities for service may not always be that accessible.  We also understand that recognition is important but not always the easiest, so we provide opportunities to recognize those who are underappreciated within the residence halls. 


 Q: What is your social media information? 

 A: Instagram handle: uiowanrhh and our Facebook page is NRHH The Hawkeye Chapter.  Follow us!!

Q: Where can we find pictures of your events?

 A: Check out our Facebook page!

Q: If a student is interested, what should they do?

A: If a student is interested, they should email for more information. 



Featured Photo from:

Other Photos from the NRHH Facebook Page




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