Student Org of the Week: Tippie Students For Service

Hello everybody! Today we’re featuring an organization that I am a part of. I’ve been a member of Tippie Students for Service for about a year now and I love all the work we do for the community! This group has helped me make new friends and given me opportunities to have a positive impact in Iowa City. SO. This is:

Tippie Students for Service

1) What is the name of your organization? Do you go by any nicknames or abbreviations?

Tippie Students for Service, but we also go by Students for Service or SFS because we’re open to all majors

Playing BINGO with the residents of Walden Place

2) What is the purpose/mission of your organization?

“The organization’s mission is to provide community service to a variety of people in the Iowa City Area. Whether it be fellow students or members of the community, we want to improve people’s life through various events and programs.”

3) What days/times does your organization typically meet? Do you have any upcoming/recurring events you would like to be made known?


“We have one monthly meeting on the first Thursday of each month at 8:00 – 9:00.  Our March meeting will be next week on the 2nd.” They also have socials once a month.

Handing out stress-relief packages during finals week

5) What social media does your organization utilize?

Facebook and Instagram on occasion

(You can find this by searching “Tippie Students for Service” or by clicking here !)

Social at Forbidden Planet

6) If a student is interested in joining this organization, how should they go about it/who should they contact?

If someone is interested in joining you can contact the President, Jack Rose, via his email  He can answer any questions that you may have and further direct you toward upcoming events and how to sign up for them.

7) Is there anything else you would like to share?

“We have a lot of fun and fulfilling events coming up for the semester.  Kindnesspalooza will be a community service scavenger hunt, a competition to see which team can do the most helpful things in a short period of time.  Possibly my favorite event is our tradition of making stress relief packages that we hand out the weekend before finals.  They are fun to assemble and to provide a little bit of relief before that fateful week.”

KindnessPalooza Fall 2016

8) Why did you personally get involved with this organization? What makes you passionate about this organization?  

“I originally got involved with Students for Service because I have always been involved with community service and I wanted to be involved in a group of people who held the same ideals.  Joining an organization also made it easier to find community service events in the area as opposed to going out on my own to try to find service events.  I am very passionate about this organization because I have made so many good friends within the club and I have made connections in the community through this club that are very fulfilling. ”    -Jack Rose

“I love helping others in any way that I can, and SFS has given me countless opportunities to do so in the Iowa City area with others who share my passion for service.” – Katie Gabel


This organization means a lot to me and I’m so glad you took the time to read about it. If you’d like to get involved with community service, please consider us!


*More photos can be found on the organization’s Facebook Page

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