How to Get a Six Pack on Campus

With Spring Break on the horizon and students coming out of hibernation for the nice weather, we are looking down and noticing an extra layer that wasn’t there last summer. NSOS went behind the scenes with one of the Campus Recreation and Wellness Center’s (CRWC) finest personal trainers, Mr. Ben Perlson.

Got a dad bod? (There is nothing wrong with a good dad bod… Alec has been rocking his for years!) Let Ben teach you how to use your resources to get your beach bod in check! His tips and tricks will have you feeling 100% for Spring Break!

According to Ben, getting involved at the CRWC is super easy! All it takes is showing up, having the workers scan your student ID, and putting in the work! When you’re done pumping iron, waltz your way on over to the Power Cafe for one of their Iowa City-renowned smoothies.

Unsure of where to start with your workout at the CRWC? Ben suggests checking out their rock climbing wall, which is top of the line. If that isn’t your thing, there’s a lazy river just around the corner!

Ben’s favorite offering of the CRWC overall is the bootcamp and other classes. The bootcamp is an awesome chance to increase your endurance and strength train with professionals who help you fine-tune your form and keep yourself safe. For any class, instructors are able to meet you where you are in terms of ability and help you to achieve your personal best! The majority of classes at the CRWC are free to students, with the exceptions posted on the CRWC’s website.

As a final piece of advice, Ben shares, “You would be wasting an amazing opportunity if you don’t go to the CRWC, as it is one of the greatest facilities in the world.”



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