Student Org of the Week: Students Today Leaders Forever

This weeks student organization spotlight goes out to Students Today Leaders Forever (STLF). NSOS went behind the scenes with  Kathryn Gable to learn more about this amazing organization.

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What is STLF? This organization travels to a new location every year over spring break! This year, they are road tripping out to Washington D.C.

What makes this organization unique, is on the way to their final destination, they make stops in different cities spending one night there, and do community service the next morning.

Last year STLF went to Charleston, South Carolina. Below is the route they took:

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When I asked Kathryn what her favorite part of STLF was, she said, “It’s a great way make 45 new friends, travel to places you would have never thought of going to and make a difference in so many new cities.”

To go on the trip with STLF there is $500 fee which covers everything from lodging, to transportation and meals! The fee is a steal for the priceless experience!

Unfortunately, there is a waitlist to get on this years trip, but to add your name to that waitlist email:

For more information checkout STLF’s facebook page at:

To everyone with STLF: Have fun, be safe, and keep up the great work! Your organization continues to strengthen what it means to be a Hawkeye!

That’s all for today Hawks, tune in next week for another amazing student org!


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