The Green Scene

Congratulations! You’ve almost made it to spring break! We’re all ready for a hard-earned break and we’re sure you are too. Spring break is a great time to kick back, relax, and get a start on some spring cleaning.  Keeping the spring cleaning in mind, make sure that you are cleaning in a sustainable manner!  This article will not only focus about sustainability during break but in our everyday lives.  Keep reading for a little tip from each of our bloggers!



I’ve recently become more conscientious of how much food I waste. I live off campus so I make a lot of my own food. I often find myself buying too much fresh produce with good intentions of eating healthy, but because I am only cooking for myself, it gets hard to get through an entire package. To help fix this problem, I’ve planned my meals out more thoroughly and taken note of what I cannot successfully finish. For example, I have stopped buying loaves of bread because I have found alternative meals. I have also started sharing bags of spinach with my housemates so we can still eat healthy without wasting! One last tip: If you go out to eat and you have leftovers: Take them home!! I know fries are hard to successfully heat up, but for the most part, you can get an extra meal out of that.



Growing up in Wisconsin near lots of lakes and fresh water sources, water conservation is something that I’m really concerned about.  Every minute in the shower you use about 2.1 gallons of water.  This means that if you take an eight minute shower you use about 64 liters of water!  With that being said, please, continue to shower.  Just try to either quicken it up a little bit.  One of my tips is that if you are a person that shaves their legs in the shower, turn the water off while shaving.  This is a really simple way to save some H2O and still get the job done!


This generation has been bombarded with tips on recycling. It has become a norm for us. We don’t even think twice. In fact, when there is not a recycling bin we typically notice. This spring break, it is super important to do your part to be sustainable and power done.
Unplug unnecessary utilities such as outlets, and turn off all your lights. Turn the heat down enough so your pipes don’t freeze, but it does not need to be that warm in your apartment while you are not there. Safe travels to where ever you may be heading, and enjoy your well deserved break!


Being sustainable isn’t some grand gesture, it’s really just doing little things.  For me, I make sure to always have a water bottle that isn’t plastic.  Not only will you save a ton of money, you’ll do your part in saving the world!


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