Welcome back, yes this is real life

Hello Hawkeyes!  Here’s to hoping that you all had a great spring break and are ready to get back at it!  Whether your break was all sunny and sandy or full of hometown happiness I hope everyone is a bit more relaxed.  We only have eight weeks left in this semester! SO LET’S GO!!!!

Eight weeks may seem like an eternity to most Hawkeyes, but it’s really not that long!  Only eight more weekends!  That’s crazy.  Below are a few tips on how to make the most of your semester and make that time fly!!

Make summer plans! Whether you want to take summer classes, work a summer job at home, stay in Iowa City, study abroad, or any other option, now is a great time to set those plans up!  If you haven’t made plans yet, the Pomerantz Career Center can help you out with professional development!

Have a fun weekend with friends or family.  Especially about four weeks after break I am about ready to BUST OUT OF HERE!  With that being said, something that always rejuvenates me is my family.  I find it best to ask them to visit about four weeks after break.  If your family is too far away plan a fun little road trip with your closest pals and just take some time for yourselves!  A little recharge never hurt nobody!

Dedicate yourself.  The end of the year is when people find out what they are truly passionate about.  The student orgs that you still have a passion to go to are the ones that will stick with you.  If you dread going to exec meetings for a commitment you have, now is the time to persevere and remember why you joined that org in the first place.  It’s about the people and about having a community.

Including academics… Trust me, I know how easy it can be just to let this last half of the semester slide out from your grip.  Let me tell you, it’s worth hanging on to.  Every week in school matters just as much as the next and now is NOT the time to forget the real reason we all came to college. EDUCATION!!!!  Professors still want to meet with you and all of the same resources are still available.  Find the drive to keep learning!

Take some time for yourself.  It’s easy to get stressed out during these last weeks.  Remember to relax for a little bit every day.  This doesn’t mean go crazy with procrastination, but just to take little breaks.  Make sure that you do one thing every day to make yourself happy whether it’s singing your favorite song, working out, or having a good phone call home.

We are halfway through the semester!  Keep going!  Sunny days are soon to come!! If you have any other tips please comment them below!



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