Student Outreach Staff – Meet the People

Howdy Hawkeyes,

It’s Alec here with some exciting Hawkeye Hacks and general stories. Last Wednesday,  the Student Outreach Staff walked around the Pentacrest asking UI students to give their Hawkeye Hacks to incoming students. What they had to say was great, and everyone has their own “Hacks” for succeeding here, but it was not what they said that inspired me, it was why they stopped to talk in the first place.

The University of Iowa is a large campus. There are times where even with so many students around us, we feel alone. Dozens of Hawkeyes had the opportunity to make their impact on incoming students, and they did. They chose to take time out of their day to share tips and tricks to help incoming students. That is truly what separates this University from all the rest. This was just another reminder that Hawks help Hawks and that the people at Iowa never fail to amaze me.

Thank you to everyone who stopped by and shared their Hawkeye Hacks with us. As you read through them, maybe you will find a new way to be even more successful here!

“Go to supplimental instruction, easiest way to boost your grade in a class.” – Burger, first year student

“Manage your time wisely.” – Zoey, first year student

“Go with the flow, and enjoy your time. – Chiihan, First year student

“Get involved early, and narrow your passions.” – Haley, Senior

“Hand write your notes, limit your distractions.” – Allison, Senior

“Use your resources. This campus offers so many great resources, they are free!” – Mariama, Junior


Push through these final weeks Hawkeyes, you are almost done!


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