How You Know it’s Midterm Season at the University of Iowa

You see Java House cups everywhere… at 8pm.


The Main Library is packed. Students prove that, when it comes to sleep, desperate times call for desperate measures.

Image result for sleeping in library

Your roommate is bragging about how she binge learned 3 chapters of Principles of Chemistry in one night.


Everyone on campus is sporting their best Hawkeye groutfit.


You have eaten pizza from Pat’s diner for the last three meals. (Wait, maybe that’s not just midterms…)


You see students begging the almighty brain rock for its assistance.


All jokes aside, best of luck with midterms, Hawkeyes! Remember, if Ashton Kutcher could make it through Midterms at Iowa, so can you.


Image result for ashton kutcher iowa



Sleeping Girl:

Pizza GIF: Google images

Ashton Kutcher 1:

Ashton Kutcher 2:

Ashton Kutcher 3:

Featured Image:

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