Student Org of the Week: Hawkeye Caucus

This week, Student Outreach Services features Hawkeye Caucus. We interviewed Abby Dockum, current President, to learn more about this student organization on campus.

1. What is the name of your organization? Do you go by any nicknames or abbreviations?

Hawkeye Caucus.

2. What is the purpose/mission of your organization?

Hawkeye Caucus is a non-partisan student advocacy group that connects students with state legislators to promote issues affecting students. We advocate for things like affordability, mental health resources, student safety, and more. We want to give students a voice when decisions are made impacting our lives and demonstrate the value the University of Iowa has to the state. Our biggest event every year is Hawkeye Caucus Day when we bring about 75 students to the State Capitol to speak with legislators in person and fill the Capitol with black and gold!

3. What days/times does your organization typically meet? Do you have any upcoming/recurring events you would like to be made known?

Hawkeye Caucus meets the first Wednesday of every month at 7 pm in the Penn State Room of the IMU. We have additional advocacy opportunities and social events throughout the month, as well.

4. Why did you personally get involved with this organization? What makes you passionate about this organization?

I actually heard about Hawkeye Caucus before I decided to come to the University of Iowa, and it’s part of what helped me make my decision! I visited campus the day after that year’s Hawkeye Caucus Day which a professor told me about, and I thought it sounded like a great organization. I got involved right away during my first year and have loved it ever since. Hawkeye Caucus has allowed me to build relationships with state legislators by sharing everything I love about the University of Iowa and advocating to make it even better.

5. What social media does your organization utilize? (links, if possible) You can find Hawkeye Caucus on Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram.

6. Do you have any pictures you would like to share?

Students walking up stairs group Capitol vertical.JPGHawkeye CaucusHawkeye Caucus





7.If a student is interested in joining this organization, how should they go about it/who should they contact?

Students can come to our next meeting on October 4th, or contact our Director of Membership and Partnerships, Ellie Paxson, at You can also contact our President, Abby Dockum, at with questions.

8. Is there anything else you would like to share?

To train for Hawkeye Caucus Day, members practice advocating on behalf of the University of Iowa to actual state legislators. They come to a training session and you get to practice speaking one-on-one. Also, we sometimes have free pizza at meetings!

Thank you to Abby Dockum for speaking with us about Hawkeye Caucus and Go Hawks!

Pictures courtesy of the Office of Governmental Relations.


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