5 Reasons Why Orientation is Right for YOU!

All of us have worked with Orientation Services during our time at Iowa. Looking back, we can say with ease that it is one of the best decisions we have ever made. Here’s why you should join the team:

1. Easiest way to make (at least) 32 new best friends!



All spring you attend training once a week and foster an unbreakable bond with your colleagues. All summer you get to live in Stanley (at no cost to you) with your best friends!

2. Professional Development


All throughout training you’ll gain public speaking, group facilitation, assertiveness, and problem-solving skills that will benefit you in later semesters and after graduation. On top of that, you’ll work with your strengths and learn to grow them even more.

3. The perks


Free housing.  1-2 meals a day.  24/7 complimentary hugs and smiles!  THE BACKPACK! And the pay ain’t bad either. Plus you’ll still have a month of summer left to do whatever you want once programs are over! Need we say more??

Yes. Yes, we do.

4. The Boss Ladies.


4 pro staff.jpg

The. Best. Bosses. In. The. World. They’re also your mentors and your supporters who’ll ensure you get the most out of your Hawkeye Guide experience next summer. We cannot overemphasize how awesome they are! Literally the best bosses all of us have had, and probably will ever have!

10/10 would recommend

5. Make a huge impact.

group photo collage


Working with the incoming students, you have the opportunity to mold the new class into the best group of Hawkeyes yet! Nothing will brighten your day more than running into previous orientation students who are successfully tackling their first year…and have them recognize you.*

Apply today for the greatest summer of your life!


*Bonus reason: You’ll get to work with a few members of our staff

Photo credit: Orientation staff & https://newstudents.uiowa.edu/orientation-staff

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