Hawkeye Heroes was Born

Over the last few weeks I have had many conversations regarding Heroes. Often times, we look for this person who will come and save us from the troubles we are having. While these heroes are a sign for great hope, we do have Heroes with us everyday. They are the Hawkeye Heroes. The people who everyday do the small things like lending a calculator five minutes before your calculus exam, or the people who spend four hours in the library with you helping you study for your chemistry exam. They are the strangers who walk by you on the Pentacrest and give you the light smile that reminds you that everything is going to be okay. Hawkeye Heroes are real, and we need them because they do the things that you can’t teach a person. They reassure us that even though the world can sometimes be a cruel place, that there is so much good every day.

Our weekly Hawkeye Heroes will be stories from students at U. Iowa to get you to share the people who make life so much greater at the University of Iowa.

We commonly say Hawks help Hawks. When I first heard it, I honestly thought it was a dumb phrase. Now I see it in action every day, and I am confident that these smalls acts of kindness are what will make this world a better place.

After all, “Iowa will prepare you, challenge you, and change you. But you will change the world.”

To submit your Hawkeye Hero Story, please fill out this link:



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