Giving Thanks… To the First Hawkeye Hero


This weeks Hawkeye hero was submitted by Naomi Cochran, a senior here at the University of Iowa. Below is her story.

“It was a gloomy Monday evening and I had a 5PM class at the EPB. Today’s class period was devoted to reviewing for a test on Wednesday. We were all in groups sharing notes and such when the custodian at the EPB snuck in, dropped off several boxes of cookies, said “shhh” to those who noticed, and walked right back out. Thanks to him, our whole class enjoyed eating cookies while studying. This little random act of kindness makes me so proud to be at Iowa. AND to make things even better, everybody in our class took an extra 5 mins and lined up on our way out to sign a thank-you note for him. AMAZING.”

To the kind custodian who went above and beyond to make students’ lives a little better, THANK YOU from everyone at the University of Iowa.

Want your Hawkeye Hero to be recognized? Tell us your story by filling out the form below!



Research has shown that one of the quickest ways to become a happier person is to give and show gratitude. Ultimately, recognize the small things in the world that often go unnoticed. Too often we go home at the end of the day and vent about all of the things that went wrong. When we do this, we completely forget to give credit to all of the people that did that small act of kindness that made our day just a little bit better.

The Student Outreach Staff knows that students who can do the small things right, and do small acts of kindness for others will be successful in school. On Tuesday, November 14th and Wednesday, November 15th find our staff on the T. Anne Cleary Walkway giving out free hot chocolate and blank cards to write a thank you note to anyone you want. If it is a faculty or staff member we will even send it out for you! We will be out there from 11:00am-2:00pm!


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