Final Stretch


It’s time to buckle down and strap in for the final stretch. With finals looming, all of us would love to swipe left. The good news is, immediately following your last final you get one month of relaxation with no school work to think about (super like). Before I get ahead of myself thinking about vacation, we all have to get to work. Below I have outlined a few tips to help you succeed during finals:

  1. If you haven’t already, buy/rent your textbooks and read them. This might come as a shock, but typically textbooks have relevant and useful information about your classes. (Pro-tip: see if the library has the textbook available or on reserve so you can still learn while saving dough)
  2. Go back and read through your notes to jog your memory of information you have been learning all semester. Do this nightly and it will help. You don’t have to sit down and bury your head in your notes, but read over them everyday and you will learn and retain more.
  3. If your professor has posted practice exams, do them! Once you have gone through it completely, see if you can identify areas where you struggle. Once you have done this, go and visit your professor / TA for office hours. You’ll learn from your mistakes, have accurate information for the exam, and you can impress your teacher with your dedication and effort.
  4. Get a goodnight sleep every night starting tonight. Wake up recharged, refreshed, and ready to go slay that exam!
  5. Good Vibes = Good Grades. On a personal/social life level, all of your friends are also stressing out right now. It is not the time for petty arguments to ruin your day. Be nice to everyone, help everyone you can, and avoid unnecessary conflict. It will help you stay focused on school and avoid bickering and passive aggressive texts.


That’s all I have for you, do not stress out completely. Everything will work out great! At the end of all of this, we will all head home for the holiday season and relax. To the overachievers reading this, please, for all of our sake, do not text us the week before classes start spring semester asking if we saw the syllabus for class yet.

From all of us here at Orientation we wish you the best of luck on your exams/papers/presentations/final projects. We have made it this far together and we know your hard work will pay off.

Good luck, and go Hawks!

-Alec Deer

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