Motivational Friday: 2018 Will Be YOUR Year

Ahhh January…the sweet smell of winter is upon us as we take on the new year and new semester here at Iowa. The nice thing about starting a new semester is that you have a chance to start fresh. You have new classes with new people, and a new schedule to memorize. Despite the cold weather, lack of sunlight, and slushy streets–if you’re motivated enough, “Spring” semester 2018 will be YOUR year.

First year students, you all  have a full semester under your belt. You have navigated around campus, found your favorite study spots, and mastered the best route to take through the dining hall at meal times. Now that you have new classes, it’s time to make another routine once again–but this time you have the knowledge of what to improve upon. Think to yourself…did you wish you would have gotten more sleep last semester? How did you spend your free time? Were you involved in a student organization? What goals do you have for yourself now?

Use this as a checklist to help you start off the semester strong and to motivate you to make 2018 YOUR year!


Having a planner is essential. You can take whatever dates and assignments that are on your syllabus for classes and have them to look at in order to–wait for it–PLAN. Keep yourself from procrastinating and write something down to do each day even if it’s a small task like skimming through notes.

-Make a connection with at least ONE person in each of your classes

Let’s be honest, the first few weeks of class are awkward, especially if someone starts to sit in your unassigned-assigned seat in lecture. To lighten the mood and improve your confidence in taking a class, talk to a peer. Introduce yourself to your professor early on. Build connections now so that down the road, if you’re sick and need notes from lecture you can ask your peer! I have found that it is less nerve racking going to office hours for the first time if I had a conversation 1:1 with the professor before.

-Work towards your goals with a routine

Incorporate your New Year’s Resolutions and goals into your daily routine! A common goal I see in many individuals is that they are wanting to be healthier. Your health can have a lot of different aspects, but activity and healthy eating are two big ones. Why not look into a consistent workout schedule or meal plan?  The CRWC and Fieldhouse have regular group exercise classes you can take if you’re not the most ~gym savvy~. Check it out here . These classes are fun and range from 30 minutes to an hour! Eating healthy in the dining hall can get a little boring if you’re going through the salad bar twice a day. Look up the menu in advance and see what your options are to have a healthy meal here!

Make other personal goals a part of your routine. For example, maybe you want to work on your Spanish, so have something like Spanish Saturdays and practice speaking and writing for an hour! The opportunities are endless, you just have to stay motivated and believe that this year will be YOUR year!

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