Your Spring Semester Presented by Michael Scott

Hey Hawks! It’s that time again, school is in full swing and as homework starts to pick up if you’re anything like me you’re counting down the days until summer vacation. (Don’t worry, it will be here before you know it.) In the meantime, here’s your spring semester  presented by Michael Scott:

  1. Thinking about starting school again


2. Seeing someone you know in class


3.  Being asked to do an ice breaker… again

m.scott 2

4.   When you realize you have to cook for yourself again


5. When you remember you have homework and tests again


6.  When you have to walk outside and it’s cold and dark… at 4pm


7.  Trying to stick to those resolutions at the CRWC


8.  Going to office hours and SI  for help


9.  When your hard work pays off


10. Remembering you go to the greatest college in the nation… Go Hawks!

tumblr_mnda6ounpF1so8sm2o1_500 Dwight-Schrute-Michael-Scott-Raise-The-Roof-On-The-Office

Good luck this semester Hawks!

~ A.Kray

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