Be a Leader with On Iowa!

Now that it is officially 2018, the University of Iowa’s On Iowa! program is gearing up to welcome the next class of Hawkeyes! Here’s a video highlighting the class of 2021 as refresher about what On Iowa has to offer. Every student has had the opportunity to experience On Iowa! before the school year started, now there’s another way to get involved by applying to be an On Iowa! Leader. As an On Iowa! Leader, you have the opportunity to be a mentor to our newest Hawkeyes. Not only will you gain valuable leadership skills, you will make connections and build friendships with your fellow peers.

Informational sessions will be Monday, February 19th in the Currier MPR OR Wednesday, February 21st in the Petersen MPR at 6:30 pm where past On Iowa Leaders share their experiences and answer your questions. Pizza will be provided! If you can’t make it, no worries! Here are a few testimonies from former On Iowa! Leaders who are now Captains; Brian Dyja, Lily Neumann, Jace Bloomer, Bennett Robertson, and Ashley Morrow.

Why did you decide to be involved with On Iowa? To become an OnIowa Leader/Captain?

Brian-“I decided to be involved with On Iowa! because I had really great leaders during my On Iowa! experience as a first-year student and I wanted to be that great leader and role model for the next incoming first-year class. I never really pictured myself being a captain for On Iowa!, but after leading a successful small group this past year, I cannot wait to share tips and tricks to the leaders on how to lead a successful small group of their own.”

Lily-“I decided to apply to be an On Iowa! leader my freshman year because I wanted to get involved more on campus and build my leadership skills in preparation for my future career as a high school teacher.”

Jace-“I decided to apply to be an On Iowa! leader last year mostly just on a whim. I knew I needed to get more involved on campus and build up my resume through leadership opportunities and I had seen On Iowa! posters all over campus saying to “Be a Leader.” School spirit is important to me and I knew that On Iowa! was all about being a “Hawkeye”, so it definitely caught my attention. I was reluctant to join at first since I had not known anybody in the program, but I just went for it. It was one of the greatest decisions I had made in college thus far.”

Ashley-“I wanted to get involved because I had been an On Iowa! leader and really enjoyed it and I also enjoyed working with students and other people. Plus there’s so much free stuff lol!”

What is your favorite part about the job?

Bennett-“Being able to be my eccentric self.”

Brian-“…being able to meet so many amazing people who all share a passion of welcoming incoming students to the University. It’s so impressive that a bunch of college students are taking time out of their schedule to help welcome students to the University.”

Lily-“…getting to meet all of the first-year students, whether it’s at move-in, in my small group, or at one of the numerous On Iowa! events throughout the week. I remember feeling scared and confused during my first week here so I try to make sure they’re prepared and excited to be a Hawkeye by answering their questions and letting them know they aren’t alone here.”

Jace-“There are so many aspects of the job that are incredible, but being able to meet so any fellow students from all different backgrounds is refreshing. I have made friends that I may not have ever thought I would make and we all just love to goof around and have fun. Not to mention, during On Iowa! week, there’s a ton of free food to be eaten!”

Ashley-“…working with my fellow captains and leaders. We are able to learn from one another and they really act as my support system during the program.”

What have you gotten out of the position that you can take with you?

Bennett-“Timeless friends. The people involved are amazing!”

Brian-“I have increased my public speaking and communication skills quite tremendously because of the position and those skills are so crucial for future careers. I have also learned what it takes to be a great leader, which is also necessary for future careers.”

Lily-“On Iowa! has helped me come out of my shell and believe in my abilities as a leader. I’ve made life-long friendships throughout my 3 years with the program and know I can count on my leaders, captains, and the On Iowa! staff to support me.

Jace-“Just from being a leader and going through that process, I have genuinely grown as a leader in life. I am typically a reserved person, but On Iowa has allowed me to thrive in situations that I may have previously felt to be a bit uncomfortable. I am taking that notion into my role as a Captain. I am excited to meet and train an incredible new group of leaders! Go Hawks!”

Ashley-“…being able to work effectively and quickly with others On Iowa! really helps with your communication skills so if you need help with that then On Iowa is perfect for you.”

The On Iowa! program is such an excellent and rewarding experience! Make sure to apply soon–applications are due Monday, March 5th at 11:59pm!



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