Thoughts everyone has during midterms

Hey Hawks! 

   As I lay on my couch watching Parks and Recreation for the twelfth time instead of studying and preparing for yet another midterm week, I was reminded of my fate for these next few weeks as Chris says “I’m dead” and again when Leslie says “Everything hurts and I’m dying.”  This inspired me to get up and write this blog of the thoughts we all have as the always dreaded midterm week approaches…  

1.  Midterm week approaches and you can’t help but think…


2.   When you’ve slept for a total of 3 hours and coffee is the only thing keeping you up


3. Eating junk food for yet another meal


4. Checking your grades for the first time in the semester


5.  Finally making it to office hours to ask questions 


6.   When you have 3 months of work to do in two days


7. Giving yourself a pep talk to get through the week


8. Listening to your pretest pump up jam


9. When you skip the first question on the exam but the second is just as hard


10. Contemplating if college is worth it


11. Then remembering…



Good luck on midterms and as always go hawks! 


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