Learn the Ropes of Registration!

It’s that time in the semester where students are managing classes, projects, papers, and more. Having to plan for next fall and class registration is the cherry on top of huge stressful sundae for some people. Here are some basic reminders and advice to note when preparing for the Fall 2018 semester! Remember, this isn’t the Hunger Games, when you are prepared and knowledgable about what’s to come, the odds will always be in your favor.

Navigate your Degree Audit-

If you didn’t know already, your degree audit is your roadmap to graduation. This document is found on MyUI and lists all the requirements for your area of study. Make sure you check this first to make sure your Fall ’17 and Spring ’18 classes are on there and satisfactory for general education, major, and elective courses.

Browse Courses-

MyUI will become your best friend. You can browse available courses and use the ScheduleBuilder to create multiple options for what your fall semester will look like. This magical tool makes the planning process so much easier and helps you find that ideal schedule that caters to your personal likes and dislikes. Much like therapeutic online shopping, the ScheduleBuilder has a “course cart” where you can add courses from required categories that interest you. Have fun with this and create some schedules to talk about with your Academic Advisor–which brings me to the next point.

Connect with your Academic Advisor-

These professionals are here to help all students with the registration and planning process, so be sure to utilize their expertise! Set up an appointment with your advisor at the Pomerantz Center or through your major-specific department or college. Try not to wait until the last minute because this is a busy time of the year for their workload. Your questions about classes, graduation, changing majors, and probably anything related to you academically can be answered by these lovely people.

Get hyped!!

Fall 2018 registration means a lot of things: We are one step closer to…

  1. Summer vacation, internships, and study abroad
  2. Hawkeye Football Season

Hawkeyes, you all will be prepared to take on the next semester if you make sure to think about registration planning. Finish the semester strong and move forward to do amazing things!

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