April Showers Bring May Flowers.. Or So They Say

Hello Hawkeyes!  This message is brought to you by yours truly, AP.  How many times has someone told you to “just hang in there for the end of the semester” already this year?  Probably a lot.  It is that time when things can be a little well, awful.  But that’s really not the point of this blog.  If all goes well, this blog should plant the seed of a little bit of optimism.

There are only 35 days left!  That means that there are 35 days to enjoy every spare second with your friends, favorite professors and those special places on campus!  Although your studies are important, so are the memories you make!  So try to have at least one thing each day that makes you happy 🙂

Think about yourself as a flower!  Look at how far you have come from when you first came to college.  All of those opportunities, job fairs, student organization and academic resources have watered and nurtured you as if you were a luscious plant.  Now look how well you have germinated and blossomed!  You have already taken so many great steps towards success.  Keep on keeping on!

Lastly, remember this experience is what you make of it!  While it might be easier to stay inside and watch the rain fall, it’s a lot more fun when you go out and jump in the puddles.  Relating this to school, I know it can seem like finals is the weed growing in your flowerbed, but remember that finals are a chance to show everything you’ve learned.  Show yourself what you have learned!  And hey, if it’s raining, jump in the puddles.








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