Maybe it’s Time to Start Thinking about Graduation?

The day I never wanted to come is quickly approaching, and of course, it is arriving with an assumed uncertainty of life after college. 

Iowa has asked much of us over the last four years. We were challenged, we questioned ourselves, and our purpose. At times, we even thought what we were doing was ridiculous, but, we are better people because of it. Eight semesters of final exams, meeting hundreds of new friends that we can now call family. Hours spent studying, learning in the classroom and yet, finding time for ourselves and extracurricular activities. Sleepless nights, I don’t care to measure the amount of coffee consumed, nor the mental breakdowns endured. 

But, this isn’t about me, it’s about you.  You get to cross the stage knowing you conquered another challenge. Your GPA may be a 4.0, or it may not. But you did what you had to do receive a degree from the University of Iowa, and you can hold your head high. Know that you made your family proud, and will make this University proud long after you are gone. Many of you have signed your job offers or are attending Graduate School and will be out in the “real world” soon. Others are still actively searching. To all of you: you are a Hawkeye, and with that, you will succeed.  Like we have for four years, during times of uncertainty, we will get through it together. 

If you are struggling to pin down employment for after graduation, we recommend visiting the Pomerantz Career Center.
This is a great resource that will help you update resumes, cover letters, practice interviews, make your Linkedin pop, and ensure you are taking full advantage of your degree from the University of Iowa.

Trying to put these last four years into words is near impossible. As I write this, it is not lost on me that my experience may be wildly different than yours, but we are both better people than when we took that Block I photo at Kinnick Stadium during OnIowa Freshman year.



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As we prepare for our big day, a new day is on the horizon. It’s ours for the taking, and because we are Hawkeyes we will succeed. Before leaving, take your final stroll around campus. Take it all in. Hold it close to your heart, and cherish every moment. 

Iowa has asked so much of us over the last four years. Now, we are challenged once more. Change the world.

With a few weeks to go, hang in there. Enjoy being with your friends, continue to make new friends. Continue to study, continue to explore all that Iowa City has to offer, and soon enough, we will cross the stage together. 

Cheers to you, Class of 2018.






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