On Iowa! Leader Experience

Good Afternoon Fellow HAWKEYES!!! 


This week I want to highlight this amazing Organization that jump started my own success within University of Iowa Student Organizations.


My names Devonte! I’m a Junior studying Global Health Studies, certificate in Entrepreneurship Business. I first got started in On Iowa! the minute I was able to. At first, I was extremely hesitant because of the fear of not being successful (I never had a leadership position in college really prior). Well, I am here to tell you this is an amazing stepping stone to being heavily involved on Campus. I want to highlight some professional development skills you will definitely learn throughout the Week of On Iowa!

Communication Skills

This is by far the best professional skill I developed and continue to develop within professional settings. You will be talking to a group of students with another colleague, but you must be able to deliver sensitive information in a proper way (Professional Staff will help develop your communication skills throughout your time as On Iowa! Leader)

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The week of On Iowa! can be hectic with the crazy amount of students that go to these events. You will learn to be flexible with your set schedule because last minute changes can happen, but it’s not the end of the world. For me, this was a tough skills to learn with a busy schedule and being a schedule oriented person.

Communicating with Professional Staff

I didn’t put this with communication skills because communicating with professionals can be intimidating. But, they’re people as well and they know how you’re feeling when you first get into the On Iowa! Leaders position. Do not be afraid to communicate anything to the professional staff because they are always there to make sure you are ~Thriving~. I have gained several professional relationships that can have a large impact on my future applications to graduate schools etc.. It is always good to start thinking about the relationships you would like to come out of College with!

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My Personal Experience

I have gained an abundance of professional and life skills from my experience with On Iowa! I applied during Spring Semester of Freshman year not knowing how to properly deliver content, talk about emotional situations etc.. But by the time I got to the week of On Iowa! I knew the professional staff gave me all the tools to succeed within my position. They truly were PLOTTING MY SUCCESS. Overall, without getting involved with On Iowa! I am certain I would not be as successful as I am now. I truly believe On Iowa! taught me so many valuable lessons throughout my time, and it is definitely something I encourage EVERYONE to get involved with.

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Application Link: http://oniowa.uiowa.edu/apply (Application is Due February 22nd)

Got Questions, Comments or Concerns???

Email: Oniowaleaders@uiowa.edu

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