Iowa City


You may just be here for classes, but Iowa City has so MUCH more to offer than just lectures, labs and tests. Iowa City is immersed in Midwestern culture, entertainment, and wicked awesome food. Whether you spend your night watching a Broadway musical at Hancher or meet up at Black’s Gold Grill with some friends for lunch, there is sure to be something on campus for you! Here are some resources on how to find what’s happening in Iowa City!


Our campus features many diverse and delicious meal options both on campus and in downtown Iowa City! Here are the links to the places to eat on campus (Potentially with your meal plan!)….

Places to Eat on Campus

…and off campus! (Yelp is pretty awesome because it featu


res both photos and reviews from other people who have dined at the restaurant PLUS gives you directions!)

Places to Eat off Campus



There is a lot to do on campus for fun. The University and downtown area have many opportunities to attend sporting events, musical performances, and much more!

If sports are your thing, rest assured that you only need to pay to get into Men’s Football Games and Men’s Basketball. Everything else is $free.99! To buy Basketball or Football tickets, check out

The Student Ticket website

If you are more into music or the fine arts, make sure to check out the


 upcoming shows hosted at Hancher (which offers discounted tickets to most shows for students!)

Hancher 2018-2019 Lineup

Do yourself a favor and don’t go all four years without checking out the museums on campus and the Athletics Hall of Fame! Nothing better than displaying how awesome we are and all that we have achieved behind glass!  ¯\_(ツ)_/¯

Medical Museum

Old Capitol Museum

Museum of Natural History

Museum of Art

Athletics Hall of Fame

For a categorized snapshot of events going on downtown Iowa City check out the Downtown Iowa City website, or follow them on Facebook or Twitter!