Get to know our 2017-2018 staff!


Avery Brennan

Major/Year: I am a sophomore majoring in Political Science and minoring in Philosophy on a Pre-Law track.

Where I’m from: Grinnell, Iowa.

One piece of advice: I would recommend that students get involved. Iowa is a large campus and getting to know as many people as you can helps shrink campus down.


Major/Year: I am a Senior, B.A Economics and Business Administration Minor

Where I’m From: Highland Park, Illinois

My one piece of advice to any new student would be that you should not be afraid to reinvent yourself. Be true to your morals and values. Chase your dreams and have fun on your journey. These four years will go by faster than you can imagine. Take some time for yourself and smell the roses.


Sierra Jones

Major/Year in school: I am a junior studying Nursing with a minor in Psychology

Where I’m from: Marion, IA

Piece of advice: Don’t be afraid to seek help! That is my number one regret at the start of my college career. Find those resources and use them to your advantage!

Alison KAlison Kramer

Major/ Year: I am a senior studying Geoscience with a Social Work Minor.

Where I’m From:  Ingleside, Illinois

One Piece of Advice:   Create your own path & try new things in college. You never know where this adventure can take you unless you take the risk of trying new things! Go Hawks!

olivia_naumanOlivia Nauman

Major/Year:  I am a Senior majoring in Informatics (Health Informatics) & Minoring in Biology

Where I’m from: I am from Dubuque, Iowa.

One Piece of Advice: Reach out to professors/TAs as soon as you become confused in the course so that you don’t get even more confused as more and more information comes at you!



Heath Schintler

Major/Year: B.A. Political Science/ Ethics and Public Policy

Where I’m from: Kalona, IA (Although born right here in Iowa City)

One piece of advice: Find any and everything you are passionate about here, and run with it. Get involved, join organizations, love your classes, and make those friendships that will last a lifetime!

“The best staff to work with.” – Herky